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At IIHR, we provide a holistic spectrum of staffing solutions and cater to your requirements for nurses, healthcare assistants, and allied healthcare professionals. Being a full-fledged healthcare staffing agency, we partner with nursing homes, healthcare organizations, and long-term care facilities to meet the surge in demand. We incorporate experienced healthcare staff in the industry to meet your requirements for an ideal workforce.

Staffing Solutions for Healthcare You Can Count On

With the surge in demand for healthcare staff, we leverage ways to serve healthcare facilities of all sizes with dedicated staffing services. Through screening professionals and sourcing the best professionals for your firm, we keep up the standards of a professional staffing agency with provisions to ensure an extensive healthcare system for your organization.

Our recruitment process is proven and designed to make sure we source candidates with adequate experience, skills, and educational qualifications for every position.

Helping to Find the Reliable Healthcare Workforce

You cannot simply hire anyone for the healthcare sector, however, a trusted and reliable staffing agency for healthcare staff recruitment can prove beyond words. Being a sensitive field, we know that the healthcare industry involves keeping the well-being and lives of the patients at stake. Hence, when you get stuck in a dilemma due to the shortage of workers, or when you are too busy focusing on the major tasks in the hospital/nursing home, you run short of time. Here comes the role of a professional staffing agency – Indo-Irish Health Recruit helps you work closely with healthcare professionals to utilize their skills and experience, while also helping them to achieve their career goals.

Your best Healthcare Staffing Partner

With Indo-Irish Health Recruit, you get the support of an experienced healthcare recruiter having expertise in placing healthcare professionals, nurses, and healthcare assistants upon request. With the right staff, you can make your facilities, hospitals, or nursing homes the right places to take the best steps in healthcare field. Whether you are in search of the flexibility of a temporary vacancy or wish to hire someone permanently, we’ve got your back!

At IIHR, we understand that the clinical opening or the call-off process at the last minute doesn’t affect revenue in any sense. Everything that matters is the safety of patients. This is why our network of hospitals and nursing homes rely on us to fill crucial vacancies. With a team of support staff and staffing experts, we excel in matching the right talent for your organization, with the notion of staffing as an ideal approach towards stress reduction.

We recognize the complexities involved in the staffing of professionals for the healthcare industry and understand the need for healthcare professionals choosing for more flexible positions with control over their career growth. As a proven leader in the field of healthcare staffing, we provide excellent solutions to employers to find the right employees.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions Led by an Expert Team

We are a trusted staffing source for hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations in Ireland, mainly catering to the need for highly motivated and trained healthcare workers. Our team spends time and effort on delivering direct-hire, long-term, and temporary healthcare sourcing services.

Every member of our team of healthcare and medical staffing has exceptional knowledge and experience in sourcing talent in the industry. With this extensive knowledge, our team focuses on building top-notch skills to deliver the most talented workforce for the ideal healthcare service experience.

Earmarked as one of the best healthcare recruitment and staffing agencies in Ireland, our success is backed by a dedicated team of healthcare staffing experts. We are led by the emerging demands of the medical community of today, with innovative staffing solutions and an extensive network of collaboration with different healthcare facilities across Ireland.

Our strategy lets us keep pace with the newest technologies, trends, and practices of the healthcare sector to bring the most proficient candidates to the market. Partner with us and start enjoying our services, to fill healthcare-specific roles in your organization.

Why Choose IIHR?

A staffing agency makes your hiring process much easier because it saves your time and reduces the risks involved in the process. You can enjoy hiring a skilled health workforce and get a permanent solution against the shortage of nurses in your organization. With a staffing agency to make your hiring efficient, you also save time from negotiating with the candidate making the process faster. With IIHR, all you need is to inform your requirement, the rate you can provide, and the position you offer.

Here’s why you should choose IIHR for healthcare staffing services:

Let Us Fulfill Your Need for Skilled Healthcare Talent

At Indo-Irish Health recruit, we listen to all your staffing needs with great healthcare workforce solutions. Our team observes, understands, consults, and offers the best solutions to the employers for a seamless hiring experience. As a popular staffing agency in Ireland for nurses, we consider your top priorities, focus, and interests in mind while finding candidates for your requirements. Patient care needs the clinical expertise of nurses, healthcare assistants, and allied healthcare professionals, who make an asset to your organization.

Hence no matter the specialization area or the professionals you need, we have got you covered. We make sure the candidates we hire are up to the standards, vet and validate their details, and perform the necessary background checks. Our practices ensure that the candidate you hire has all the mentioned qualities and skills, and proves to be a reliable workforce in your organization. We help you with the long-term, contractual, or permanent hiring of nurses with our healthcare staff recruitment process.

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