ALLIED HEALTH Professionals of ireland

Allied professionals of Ireland take up diverse roles and deal with varying responsibilities in the healthcare system. Mainly, they deal with the departments of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and support services. Indo-Irish Health Recruit, as an allied healthcare professional in Ireland, works for the complete functioning of the medical industry, while taking up roles of nurses, practitioners, and therapists at the same time.

Finding an Employer

Indo-Irish Health Recruit has powerful group of trusted allied health professionals all over Ireland arranged through  direct/online interviews.

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Application For General Work Permit

Allied health professional careers require you to secure a general work permit before the visa application.

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Immigration And Visa Support

Applicants will submit their visa application and provide Biometric Information. Visa is generally approved within 3 weeks.

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Travel Assistance

We help with travel assistance, personal requirements and safety of the workforce of allied healthcare in Ireland. 

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Accommodation Assistance

Applicants arrive in a new country to represent allied healthcare in Ireland. Indo-Irish Healthcare Recruit provides assistance for accommodations of the applicants.

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Handling Training

Manual Handling & Patient Handling Training is mandatory before commencing work in Ireland. We offer and deliver high quality trainings.

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Our Top priority

Allied health professionals in Ireland represent the agency’s mission of health and empowerment. Indo-Irish Health Recruit team of seasoned experts help with identifying and ensuring proficiency in medical skills. We are committed to helping clients who excel in networking abilities and comprehensive education in healthcare management. 

Who Do We Staff

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is an unparalleled networking platform which connects health professionals from diverse backgrounds and specialities. Our team includes professionals under various contract types, specializing in key areas such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, speech and language therapy, social work, radiography, among others.

Best Allied healthcare in ireland

Indo-Irish Health Recruit’s hiring process is entirely based on trust and confidence within the dedicated professionals. The initiatives and goals are intact with the skills our workforce is willing to contribute for the organization. Hiring nurses is the central focus as they are the front face for patient care. Setting and organizing our firm with exceptionally talented medical staff will help promote growth and scalability in the industry.

Professional Care

Our mission is to elevate medical expertise by placing highly qualified professionals in roles where they can drive success. Our core objective extends beyond recruitment and career development for nurses and healthcare professionals. The Indo-Irish Healthcare Recruit delivers tangible results and enhances organizational efficiency.

We specialize in sourcing both temporary and permanent positions within the healthcare sector, ensuring each candidate is rigorously vetted for their skills, experience, and professional objectives. Our meticulous selection process involves intensive screening, interviewing, and practice assessments. This enables us to strategically place staff in specialized roles, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, speech and language therapists, social workers, radiographers, and more, aligning with the specific needs of healthcare organizations

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Currently there is a spike in demand for Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists in Ireland. Indo-Irish Health Recruit focuses on the well-being of the communities and the development of our healthcare professionals through professional hiring.

As a health  recruitment agency, we drive the success of Ireland’s healthcare system by collaborating with various hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare agencies in Ireland. Contact us for more details.

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is the best choice for allied health professionals staffing needs, as we have a diverse group of workforce providing genuine and therapeutic medical services.

Our services help the candidates with their work permits and visa application procedures. The allied health professionals are also provided with other forms of assistance such as accommodation and travel.


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