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The ethical and professional integrity of healthcare assistants in Ireland makes them a vital part of the healthcare system. Our health healthcare workers are primarily deals with the administration of nursing practices and it’s management. The department of healthcare assistant in Indo-Irish Health Recruit works to improve the overall healthcare experience for patients and their families.

Finding an Employer

We are proud to have many trusted employers. As one of the best healthcare assistant agencies in Ireland we conduct direct/online interviews  for employment.

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Application For General Work Permit

Generally hca agencies in Ireland will help you secure a general work permit before the visa application process. 

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Immigration And Visa Support

Applicants will submit their visa application and provide Biometric Information. Visa is generally approved within 3 weeks.

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Travel Assistance

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is a trustable healthcare assistance agency in Ireland. From booking flight tickets to providing airport assistance, safety of the applicant is assured.

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Accommodation Assistance

Applicants have enough to be dealing with, as they arrive in a new country from different cultures. Indo-Irish Health Recruit is happy to assist applications with their accommodation..

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Handling Training

Manual Handling & Patient Handling Training is mandatory before commencing work in a healthcare setting in Ireland. We deliver high quality training.

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frequently asked questions

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Healthcare recruitment agencies in Ireland recruit medical professionals who specialise in the field of healthcare assistance and hospitality. Indo-Irish Health Recruit recruits healthcare assistants on the basis of their qualifications and experience in the healthcare sector.

The candidacy and selection is based on extensive knowledge, experience and awareness on administration, hospitality and technology. The hire based on required skills and experience in the medical field.

The most important quality of a healthcare candidate is have confidence regarding their specialization. Indo-Irish Health Recruit has a dedicated set of experts who are well known for their healthcare expertise.

There is a high demand for medical staffs in the healthcare system of Ireland. Indo-Irish Health Recruit’s top priority is to meet up with the ever increasing demand for private nurses and healthcare workers.


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