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Indo-Irish Health Recruit

Advanced Medical Assistance with Indo-Irish Health Recruit

Indo-Irish Health recruit is a nursing recruitment agency in Ireland committed to professional healthcare recruitment and staffing services. Indo-Irish Health Recruit helps to get in touch with highly qualified nurses, health-care assistants and allied medical professionals in Ireland.

Helping clients have easy accessibility to a proficient, dedicated and skilled set of medical team is the top priority. The Indo-Irish health recruit offers a variety of staffing options with the best nursing practices. We are deeply committed to our medical goals of expanding business at the domestic and international level.

Indo-Irish Health Recruit

Advanced Medical Assistance with Indo-Irish Health Recruit

Why choose us

We believe in medical Excellence

Our services include assisting with the hiring of domestic and overseas registered nurses. As a health recruitment agency, the Indo-Irish Health Recruit encourages medical professionals to reach the highest potential of their general practice and assistance through professional recruitment services.


Reliable solutions that cater towards the code of hospitality. Healthcare facilities provided by Indo-Irish Health Recruit guarantees client satisfaction.


Working towards the betterment of medical assistance. Encouraging flexibility of skills and performing duties effectively.

trustable Service

Reassuring top-tier quality services which allow nurses and allied health professionals to integrate medical skills into the community.

Our Services

Recruitment and staffing

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is a trusted healthcare recruitment agency in Ireland specializing in staffing and advanced recruitment. Together we reshape the future of the medical field.

Nursing Staff Recruitment

Private nurses for hire with professional competence in genuine and therapeutic medical practices, perform duties effectively and updated with latest technologies.

Healthcare Assistant Recruitment

Hire based on required skills and experience in the medical field. Healthcare assistants are well-versed with clerical duties and hospital management.

Allied Health Professional Recruitment

Recruitment of workers specialising in diagnostic, therapeutic, technical & overall patient care. Allied health professionals in Ireland provide complete & comprehensive care for patients.

Employer Benefits

redefining healthcare career with indo-irish health recruit

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is a professional healthcare recruitment agency in Ireland committed to promoting growth in the healthcare sector.

Efficient Hiring

Significantly reduces the burden of negotiation in hiring and prioritizing quality over quantity services.

Quality Candidates

Candidacy and selection based on extensive knowledge, experience and awareness on administration, hospitality and technology.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The Indo-Irish health recruit provides specialized private nurses for hire in Ireland and has highly dedicated health services executive assisting with hospital administration.


Overview: Client Stories

Indo-Irish Health Recruit is a professional healthcare recruitment agency in Ireland dedicated to reaching peak levels of skills and hospitality.

frequently asked questions

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Indo-Irish Healthcare Recruit assists with specialized recruitment of medical and nursing staff. To keep up with the pace of this competitive market, we connect with an extensive pool of candidates in the country and also overseas.

Indo-Irish Health Recruit offers recruitment services for nurses, healthcare assistants and other allied health professionals.
As a highly reputed health recruitment agency, we offer both permanent recruitment and temporary hires. Candidates just need to fill in a contact us form on our website, and one of our agents will be in touch with you then. When it comes to temporary hires, we hire nurses and allied health professionals who are skilled in their respective medical prospects and the selection criteria is conducted through interviews and assessment of practices.
We provide day-to-day delivery of healthcare recruitment services for medical staff around the world. Get in touch with Indo-Irish Health Recruit for more details.

Advanced Recruitment Assistance with Indo-Irish Health Recruit


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