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Ensuring compliance with Irish healthcare regulations: The role of staffing agencies

Healthcare sector regulations are framed for healthcare professionals to strictly follow them in caregiving practices, especially ever since these have increasingly become significant over the past few decades. 

This not only ensures compliance with administrative and healthcare standards but also manages the quality of healthcare provided to the patients. 

Conformity doesn’t only make sure that adequate care is given to the patient but also keeps the transparency levels satisfactory. 

Adherence to the Irish healthcare regulations is important for a healthcare professional recruitment company and staffing agency in Ireland to ensure the quality of staff and teams involved in caregiving, both in patient care and the cost-saving perspectives. 

In this blog, let’s discuss in detail the role of staffing agencies in ensuring compliance with Irish healthcare regulations while hiring eligible candidates. 

The Scenario of Quality of Healthcare in Ireland

People living in Ireland generally live longer and lead healthier happier lives compared to other Europeans.  

However, the public is also engaged in behavioural risk factors such as obesity, smoking, etc. which are serious health issues. 

The overall quality of healthcare is mostly good, however, the availability of the services is inhibited by time for effort and the expenses involved. 

The Irish healthcare services are broadly categorized into acute care, primary care, community care and continuing care services. 

These range from social inclusion, mental health, family welfare, disabilities, and so on. A nursing or healthcare staffing agency plays a crucial role in including the distribution or provision of services to supply the registered healthcare staff, nurses, etc. for facilities.

Irish healthcare Standards that staffing agencies need to follow

Health, social services, and public safety standards are mandatory to focus on the quality of caregiving which staffing agencies should be aware of.

The nursing agencies should ensure the supply of nurses to the facility like hospitals, registered healthcare firms and community trusts. 

The agencies should ensure the supply of healthcare professionals in Ireland to private patients in the comfort of their homes. 

The minimum regulations and standards for healthcare staffing agencies make sure that the patients who use services remain protected with high-quality care assured. 

The core areas of services are applicable and measurable with the help of self-evaluation and conducting surveys. 

The Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority takes care of evidence to make sure that standards are followed with a detailed discussion with the users of services.

Nevertheless, the inspection of the procedures, policies and healthcare records is carried out by the authority.

Standards for in-home healthcare

When the nursing recruitment agency in Ireland supplies the professionals to offer care for the patients within homes, the patients must experience the best in terms of quality of care and support. 

The care offered should be in line with the decisions and contribute to the planning of services. 

Every staffing agency in Ireland for Nurses needs to have relevant data about the patient before it supplies the healthcare professionals. This makes sure that the expertise and skills of professionals are hired to suit the needs of placements. 

The ongoing evaluation and assessment of risks are essential to ensure a complete understanding of the care currently provided and the changing healthcare needs of the patient. This maintains a secure, effective and efficient healthcare system. 

The care planning should be in line with the reasonable risks the patient would bother to take, the well-being and safety of the patients, family and the healthcare staff in the home. 

Appropriate arrangements should be in place so that staffing agencies can timely respond to requests for nursing care at home. 

A registered nurse or healthcare staff visits the patients at their homes, provides care and keeps a record of the nursing care needs along with the validated assessment tools. 

The associated risks and the factors need to be well documented and the staffing agencies must ensure the assessment is convincing to either party. 

Safe nursing care is dependent on continuous evaluation, planned and communicated with the patient and recorded accurately with careful monitoring. 

The re-evaluation of patients and their needs are agreed to, while they are to be recorded every day. 

Also, the results of care and treatment involved should be well explained to the patients along with the discussion of options accessible to them. 

There exist relevant and accurate records for the patients who get exclusive care at homes from the nurses whom staffing agencies supply. 

Relevant consent from the patients to receive care and treatment at home should be obtained. 

Also, every healthcare professional recruitment company and staffing agency in Ireland should be aware of the appropriate arrangements which make sure the staff manage medicines securely to serve the patients at home. 

Standards and values agencies should adopt to offer quality healthcare

  • Dignity & Respect

Every person should be treated with respect and the intrinsic value of every patient should be acknowledged well. Independent patients enjoy much control over the care nursing agencies provide since they stay protected from unreasonable risks. 

  • Rights

The services delivered to the patients should ensure that the individual and human rights of the patients get promoted/safeguarded to their true extent.

  • Equality & Diversity

The patients need to be treated equally while valuing all their cultures and background. The agency should provide services while considering equal opportunities with no discrimination in place. 

  • Choice

The patients should get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options based on the information the staff provide

  • Consent

The patients exercise legal rights to know what is happening to them. Also, there should be genuine and recorded consent of patients to the care/treatment offered.

  • Confidentiality

Patients have the right to know whether the information related to them is managed perfectly and not disclosed by any means without their permission. This is exceptional only when legislation or the need to protect others’ well-being comes into the role. 

  • Safety

The patients should feel safe while receiving the care and remain free from all kinds of abuse, neglect, exploitation etc. 

With the integration of all these values and the planning, delivery, & review of these services while keeping the standards alive, the healthcare assistant recruitment agency in Ireland will be able to deliver the best outcomes to the facilities and patients availing of the services. 

How IIHR ensures compliance with healthcare standards?

Being one of the best nursing recruitment company and staffing agency in Ireland IIHR focuses on delivering quality healthcare while sticking to the policies and procedures the facilities or patients demand. 

The company adheres to all the procedures and rules in place to streamline the hiring process and cater to the organizations with the best healthcare staff. With a neat documented system and recruitment based on the employment legislation, Indo-Irish Health Recruit carries out ethical hiring while sourcing licensed, legit and registered healthcare professionals. 

Curtains Down

While providing support to organizations for hiring licensed nurses, healthcare assistants, and other healthcare professionals, IIHR stands out as the best-ever Allied Health Professionals recruitment agency in Ireland. While providing the best healthcare professionals for both organizations and in-home care, IIHR considers compliance and adherence to the prevailing norms to safeguard the interests of both caregivers and patients. To know more about how we work and hire the healthcare staff for you, let’s talk!









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