Record Number Of Nurses In Ireland Are Indian

Dublin: According to the NMBI data, Indians account for one-seventh of all nurses in Ireland. These figures highlight India’s dominance in the Irish health sector. The role of Indian nurses, in particular, was recognized all across the world during the days of COVID. The country has 75,871 nurses and midwives. According to NM, 11,959 of the nurses are from India. B. I. asserts

Actually, the number of Indians is higher than this. Indians who have taken Irish citizenship are included in the Irish figures. If we add this, the number of Indians might approach 20,000. Malayali’s account for about 75% of Indian nurses.


Majority of new registrants are Indians

According to the data, the majority of visitors to Ireland last year were Indians. A total of 4,937 applications were registered between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022. 2,364 of them were from India. Other countries’ figures include the Philippines (391), the United Kingdom (250), and Zimbabwe (132). The report also reveals that the majority of new registrants are from outside the EU.

90% are women

According to the NMBI’s State of the Register 2022 data report, more than 90% (68,310) of Ireland’s health workers are women. As of June 1, 2022, there were 81,431 nurses and midwives on the register. 75,871 of these self-identified as practicing.

68% are under 50 years of age

There were 55,106 nurses (67.7%) under the age of 50. Meanwhile, 2,900 people (3.6%) are still registered after reaching the age of 65. Most people are registered in general nursing. This sector employs 54,797 individuals, followed by psychiatric nurses (7,377). The intellectual disability department has 3,999 nurses. The pediatric department employs 3,371 nurses. There are 9,661 registered midwives in the country, but only 4,561 (47.2%) are in practice.

According to statistics, the number of nurses in Ireland is also growing. This is the highest level since 2015. According to the estimate, 1,800 Irish nurses and midwives will register this year. The number of overseas applicants is increasing, according to NMBI director of registration Dr. Ray Healy.



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