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Overcoming Staffing Challenges in Irish Nursing Homes and Hospitals: The Role of Recruitment Agencies

Nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities often face challenges related to staffing. This has risen even further since the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact on the healthcare industry. With the concerns of growing stress, burnout, fatigue and several other reasons, the demand for healthcare recruitment agencies in Ireland has seen a surge. Healthcare staffing agencies provide an ideal way to fix all the above-mentioned concerns, to let the facilities keep running, and to make sure that patients get the care they need all the time. This blog delves deeper into the role of staffing agencies in overcoming the staffing challenges in hospitals and nursing homes.

Major Staffing Challenges in Nursing

Many factors contribute to understaffing and short staffing in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. Some causes arise due to the policies and procedures of the facility while others could be the issues that relate to choosing a healthcare related career. Here are the major staffing challenges in nursing homes and hospitals:

  • Budget Considerations

A facility usually looks for ways through which it can trim expenses. Since staffing mostly consumes a considerable portion of the operating costs of a facility, many people make efforts to minimize the staffing levels and save on costs.

  • Ageing Workforce

The present nursing workforce would retire over a specified time. With the number of nursing staff leaving the job, the young workforce joining the field must be encouraged. In addition to the people retiring from nursing with age, there are also some nurses retiring in general. Hence, it’s essential to consider the short staffing that occurs as a result of retirement.

  • Burnout

Exhaustion, burnout, and inefficiency can arise due to persistent long-term job-driven stress. This is a major concern in the healthcare sector, which most staff get worried about.

  • Lack of New Nurses

Retiring staff and the new positions awaiting means there are opportunities for nursing staff in the coming years. However, without newly trained or qualified nurses in the vicinity; this leads to understaffing. The shortage of talented nurses to refill and replace the position is a great challenge. Additionally, when there are not enough candidates to apply for or gain opportunities to fulfil the roles, it creates a shortage in staffing.

Role of a Recruitment Agency

When the worker-to-patient ratios are not satisfactory, the quality of healthcare suffers. With the lack of quality healthcare, the running of facilities become really hard. Healthcare is not confined to a job, but an obligation to serve the needy on time. Looking for a staffing agency to hire quality healthcare professionals in Ireland? Here are the important roles that an ideal staffing agency must accomplish:

  • Understand the Needs of the Facility

One of the major tasks of staffing agencies is to assess the requirements of a facility, their needs and the number of staff they require. Depending on the kind of service and staff the nursing homes and facilities might need, the agency does the research to provide the best and most efficient workforce.

  • Recruiting and Screening Process

Nursing homes and hospitals generally advertise to hire the staff on their own, however, they could fall short and can’t match the efforts of a recruitment agency, which they make to find the right staff for the facility. Nevertheless, the agency does all the interviewing processes to make sure the staff recruited are eligible for the job. Staffing agencies are also the experts in ensuring that the background of the employees is perfect before hiring them. Ensure that you get the services of the most trusted Allied Health Professionals Staffing Agency in Ireland which provide a comprehensive list of qualified candidates.

  • Generating Contracts and Facing the Legal Concerns

Contracts are the significant factors to consider as a part of the responsibilities of a staffing agency. These need to be looked over and accurate, so that the worker can clearly understand the job duties. Another advantage to the facilities is that the staffing agencies are responsible for managing the legal issues with employment and concerns with the salary or payment, which lets the facility free time up for other tasks.

  • Making Sure the Employee is Qualified

The key aspect of a healthcare staffing agency is to hire certified and licensed professionals, for the specified job. The agency can serve facilities with qualified and trained nursing staff to deal with understaffing and resolve the need for quality resources.

  • Follow Up on the Performance of Employees

The responsibility of a staffing agency is to follow up with the facilities and ensure that the workers perform great. The agency can trim or modify the policies to manage a good workforce while making follow-ups with the organizations.

Why is it Important to Rely on Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies can help healthcare industries thrive by hiring qualified professionals. If you are desperately seeking the assistance of a Staffing Agency in Ireland for Nurses, you cannot only employ nurses but also be vetted with holistic pre-employment screening. Relying on a staffing agency brings a pool of specialized candidates available to work even on short notice. The healthcare field is evolving in several ways, however, what remains constant is patient care.

Healthcare professionals are the caretakers; however, they are likely to undergo worst, more stressful and painful moments with a poor staff-to-patient ratio. A good recruitment agency adheres to moral and legal guidelines while taking up the responsibility of helping the nursing industry with highly talented and certified staff.

In a Nutshell

With the help of a continuously expanding nursing recruitment company and staffing agency, healthcare organizations can hire domestic and international nurses. A staffing agency helps registered nurses, healthcare assistants and allied health professionals to get into the right job, while it helps healthcare facilities to hire the most demanded nursing staff. Being the top healthcare professional recruitment company and staffing agency in Ireland, Indo-Irish Health Recruit is destined to let medical professionals land their dream healthcare career in Ireland.


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